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When you love Africa as we do, you have to share that passion – and that’s why it’s been a joy to travel with guests on this incredible continent for 25+ years. For us, it’s not just about showing you the wildlife; it’s also about helping you understand them – and the efforts underway to conserve their habitats and those animals that are endangered. Our expert trackers, rangers, and Tauck Directors are well-versed in the geography and wildlife – and eagerly share their knowledge. To provide an enhanced safari experience, we have spent years working closely in partnership with BBC Earth natural history experts to create Tauck Earth Journeys, allowing you to experience Africa through their eyes – in exclusive films custom-made for Tauck by BBC Earth, and using tech “gadgets” to reveal a hidden side of wildlife. Our friends among the local people, including the Maasai, will welcome you warmly, providing a unique opportunity for cultural exploration and exchange. Join us!

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Discover the amazing wildlife, the first-class lodgings and food, the friendly people and authentic customs of Africa – and learn how we bring it all together for you, thoughtfully choreographed by experienced Tauck Directors, for peace of mind travel at its best.

See our safaris

See Our Safaris

Whether you’re looking for a classic safari in East Africa, an adventure in Botswana, a South Africa safari with a Cape Town stay, a family vacation for all generations to enjoy together, or small group travel, we’ve got the journey for you.

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See guests in action on our safari adventures… watch videos... read reviews… learn about the exclusive BBC Earth films custom made for Tauck by BBC Earth documentary filmmakers… view the field equipment we use to observe wildlife… read our blogs… check out the wildlife you might see… and the places you stay.

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We make it easy to choose your safari journey with destination information and descriptions of the unforgettable Tauck experiences to be had. Check out our guides on what to pack, wear, and read beforehand, along with key information on requirements like vaccinations and visas.

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You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”

– Isak Dinesen
Out of Africa


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