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Stories from the National Parks

Everyone here at Tauck treasures the many photos, stories and comments we receive from guests around the world via letters, emails and Tauck Traveler Reviews. We are especially moved by the wonderful comments from the folks on our national park journeys and wanted to share a few with you here:

“The landscape and scope of the desert Southwest is impossible to describe unless one has seen it firsthand. The work of Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan and Tauck in designing 'Spirit of the Desert: The National Parks of the Southwest' made it come to life. Far more than just providing a sightseeing trip, you put us in intimate touch with the land. I am looking forward to my seventh tour with Tauck.

– Fred Pregger, New Jersey

“Our overall experience on 'America’s Canyonlands' was exceptional. My emotions run deep as I reflect on the beauty I witnessed through our tour. I am hard pressed to imagine that there are sights more beautiful than the vivid rainbow that formed over the Grand Canyon or the first glimpse of Bryce Canyon National Park in all its splendor.

 – Rosemary and Paul Miller, Virginia

Bryce Canyon

“I lost my father 6 months ago... he was an avid lover of nature. He owned quite a few acres of timber where he would go to plant trees... A few months before he died, he donated this beautiful land to the country I was born in. I wanted to take a trip that would bring me closer to dad. I wanted to see and explore all of the things that he loved, and 'Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks' was the PERFECT trip to do this. I could feel his spirit in the park with all of the trees, the beautiful flowing streams, and the roaming animals. I do not think he got to see all of this country, but I am sure he was watching down from heaven as I reveled in such beauty. You are the very best.

– Pat Grover, California


Bears in Alaska“The 'Wild Alaska' vacation was magnificent. We had 11 days of brilliant sunshine and gorgeous weather. We saw spectacular Denali from a fly over that was breathtaking and landed on a glacier 12 miles from the summit. On our cruise, we saw orcas and humpbacks breaching which was awesome. Then we watched mother bears fish for salmon for their cubs.

– Tauck Traveler Review,

“I am a real city girl and have been to several big cities in Europe – but I came away from 'Spirit of the Desert: The National Parks of the Southwest' realizing that no church or castle can compare to the arches and the canyons... Each park we visited had its own uniqueness, and the local guides were so passionate about their parks. I was so impressed with the location of our lodgings; you do not want to miss sunrise at Arches.

– Linda DiPrete, Rhode Island

“A fun-filled week on 'Alaska: Call of the Wild' features the best of South Central Alaska. Action-oriented, fun-filled activities, and an amazing introduction to the microclimates (rain forest to high alpine tundra), people, and sights of this region… For me, the flight over Denali and the front range, including the glaciers, lakes, rivers, and wildlife of Alaska, was breathtaking! One child loved meeting the sled dogs and learning all about the Iditarod, while another's most memorable moment was watching fishermen pull in sockeye salmon as we floated past in our raft.”

– Marcy Zeichner, Pennsylvania

Zion National Park“'Red Rocks & Painted Canyons' was our best family trip ever. It was well planned and seamlessly coordinated. I was not sure whether our kids would mix well, but they had a great time with the other kids. The scenery was breathtaking. There is a lot of travelling on this tour but our fab Tauck Director was constantly keeping the interest levels up. I highly recommend.”

– Ayleath Foote, New Zealand

“'Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks was a most incredible trip in so many ways... Tauck’s handling of the details was seamless. Great value for monies spent! I was able to experience the awesomeness of Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and Wyoming without a concern. The entire trip was enhanced by our Tauck Director’s extensive scientific, historical and cultural knowledge of the area.”

– Tauck Traveler Review,

“We spent 8 days on 'Spirit of the Desert: The National Parks of the Southwest' traveling through some of the most amazing desert scenery including the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks. We flew over Rainbow Bridge and explore Monument Valley where director John Ford filmed so many of John Wayne's famous western movies and where we were guided through the beautiful valley with those magnificent stone monoliths. We saw wildlife including rare California condors, desert mountain sheep, and deer...”

– Tauck Traveler Review,

“Red Rocks & Painted Canyons was our first trip with Tauck… and it was a fantastic experience. Each day was filled with the perfect balance of amazing sites, educational/fun facts and relaxation. Tauck's Team effortlessly guided us through so many breathtaking experiences, which we would never have been able to do on our own… Every day Tauck delivered us to another amazing Natural Wonder… words alone cannot express the majesty and awe of the experience.”

– Phillip Stehling, New York

“To say my first Tauck trip, 'America’s Canyonlands', was a special trip for me would truly be an understatement; it was life affirming. The beautiful places we saw were breathtaking, each drive more beautiful than the next. I know my late husband was smiling, watching me gaze at the Grand Canyon for the first time...

– Connie Twyman, Kentucky

I just want you to know that my first Tauck tour, 'Canadian Rockies & Glacier National Park,' was wonderful. The accommodations were superb – I watched the sunrise from my window at Chateau Lake Louise! I learned so much from meeting people from all over and from our Tauck Director. Walking on the glacier and riding in the Jammers were unforgettable experiences. Most of all, I was thrilled that all I had to do was pack my bag, and sit back and enjoy – not having to deal with my luggage was an absolute pleasure.

– Rosamond Rabinowitz, Massachusetts

Majestic California

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Every day Tauck delivered us to another amazing Natural Wonder… words alone cannot express the majesty and awe of the experience."

– Phillip Stehling, New York


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