The Season of Giving

Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 11/12/2015
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giftoftravel_introThe Gift of Travel
Sharing the gift of travel with family or a special loved one is a way to create a legacy of shared experiences. It means forging wonderful memories together, bringing families and dear friends closer together.

Travel is a gift that leads to learning and inspiration. It sparks curiosity and deepens one’s appreciation for the world, which means it’s a gift that goes on giving. Not to mention, one that comes with a whole lot of excitement and fun!
Our eGift Card (available in any amount) makes giving the gift of Tauck travel special – and easy; it is a gift that family and friends will never forget. And if you’re looking for 2016 escorted tours that will warm up someone’s holiday with learning, fun and excitement, how about:  

giftoftravel_cubaCuba, where Tauck has been bringing travelers for People-to-People educational exchange since 2012. On Tauck’s 7-day Havana-based trip, our guests connect with this time-removed island nation, delving into its unique history, architecture, music, agriculture, baseball and more. They meet Cuban students, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and others. For details see Cuba: Connecting With People and Culture.

giftoftravel_italyItaly, where Tauck Bridges offers the whole family a sense of life… in ancient Rome at the Circus Maximus, at the Colosseum, in the Vatican Museums on an after-hours tour, the Etruscans’ amazing underground life, Orvieto’s incredibly ornate duomo, Florence as a Renaissance city, Pisa’s Leaning Tower, and Venice’s opulent palaces and canals. For details on this 8-day family adventure, see Italia Bella: Rome to Venice.

giftoftravel_irelandIreland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, Tauck’s new 14-day exploration of the British Isles includes multiple night stays in Dublin, Edinburgh & London and wonderfully diverse experiences – from the charm of Killarney to the landscapes of Ireland’s woodlands, moors and lakes; from country estates to Georgian row houses and historic castles; from a medieval lunch to the tastes of mead and Guinness stout; from Hampton Court’s crown jewels to sheep shearing on the Ring of Kerry; in the nooks of Edinburgh and in today’s cosmopolitan Belfast. For more, see Ireland & Great Britain.

giftoftravel_australiaAustralia & New Zealand, where Tauck offers the choice of a 20-day land adventure made convenient by private charter flights, or a new 19-day trip that combines city stays with a 9-night New Zealand cruise. Both trips offer swimming and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef; meeting koalas, kangaroos and wallabies; going behind-the-scenes at the Sydney Opera House; and jet boating, sheep-shearing and wine tasting. And both offer gorgeous landscapes and in-depth cultural exploring. Check out Grand Australia & New Zealand and Cruising Down Under.

Alternatively, Spotlight on Australia and New Zealand, offer the choice of exploring these destinations in fewer days and with charter flights to cover the distances. During 11 days in Australia, Tauck guests experience Melbourne, the desert Outback and the Great Barrier Reef, along with learning about aboriginal traditions, the coastal beauty of Queensland and modern Australian city life. In New Zealand, our 10-day trip includes mountain vistas and magnificent sounds, jet boating, steamship cruising, Maori traditions, the charm of Auckland and Wellington and more. Find complete day-by-day itineraries at Spotlight on Australia and Spotlight on New Zealand.

As you mull over your personal holiday wish lists in the weeks ahead, consider a gift of travel. It's one that will keep on giving – through wonderful shared experiences and memories that will tie you and your loved ones together for years to come.



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