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Posted by Amy Clyde on 2/26/2015
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Packing Tips from Tauck, experts for escorted tours and river cruises

We’re always on the road at Tauck, and through trial and error we’ve each discovered the items we really can’t leave home without. Common travel basics, like power cords and universal adapters, are important, but we also absolutely need a few other small things that make a big difference to comfort and convenience when we’re traveling. Here’s a list of our essential travel items – easy packing tips that make traveling easier.

bw1. Baby wipes – good for washing hands, removing light stains from clothes in a pinch, and just in case you run into a no-toilet-paper situation

2. Vitamin C – take it the first moment you feel a cold coming on

3. Podcasts of favorite radio shows – for binge listening on the airplane

power strip4. Retractable cord headphones – so you don’t have to use airplane headphones (the retractable cord is nice and tidy)

5. A travel-size power strip – so you can have all your appliances and electronics in the same spot in your hotel room (instead of scattered around wherever the outlets happen to be)

clear bags6. A permanently packed clear plastic toiletries kit – always ready to go, always ready for airport security

7. A headlamp and batteries – great for searching your bag when the plane is dark and for having by the side of your bed in the hotel

rubber bands
8. Rubber bands

9. Clothes that mix and match – nothing you can wear only once

bottle10. Swim trunks – you never know when you might have a Jacuzzi opportunity

11. Extra clear plastic bags – for airplane security and wet bathing suits

12. An aluminum water bottle you can fill yourself – so you don’t have to waste plastic

13. Cashmere wrap for the plane and other cold places

yoga14. Exercise band for in-room exercises

15. Yoga videos on your iPad


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