Family Adventure in Spain:
Brave Bull Wins Against All Odds

Posted by Guest Blogger on 1/24/2014
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Written by Art Cox

Art Cox is a Tauck Product Manager for Northern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula. He was born in Ohio, grew up in West Virginia, and has lived in fifteen states across the country. This is his tale of a great family adventure in Spain.  


Imagine for a moment you are going back in time. You are in the Spanish town of Seville and the date is October 12, 1965. You find yourself surrounded by hundreds of locals present to watch the evening’s entertainment of bullfighting as you had many nights before. In the bullring all eyes are fixed on the young lad decked out in his Spanish attire. The crowd claps and cheers as he parades around. After elevating the audience’s excitement level you can begin to hear the chains in the fair side of the bullring clang against the gate. The crowd rises to their feet as their voices overtake all other sounds in the arena in an effort to inspire the bullfighter to victory. Entering the ring is the bull known as Laborioso. He walks into the ring stomping and snorting, clothed in a deep black coat. On his head grows his glory, his tapered, smooth and ornate horns. Aside from his physical demeanor, he seems to possess something different than the many bulls that have gone before him. He seems to have a unique attitude. What would be different this day?

bull fightNow legend has it that Laborioso would make history on this day. We all know the typical outcome of a traditional Spanish bullfight; although revered and respected greatly, from the bull’s perspective it is generally the end of his journey. But this day, the bull chooses not to give up nor back down. Laborioso chooses to become a champion. As the story is often told, the bullfighter is relentless in his pursuit of the bull, yet Laborioso stays strong. Even beyond the valiant effort and seeming defeat, the bull chooses to keep his head held high. He shows so much effort and determination that the unimaginable begins to take place. The crowd stops cheering for the bullfighter and starts backing up the perseverance of Laborioso. So much so, that on this day the President of the bullfight will issue him a pardon for his life. What seemed to be the presumed end this morning is changed to a life pardon by the evening simply from his refusal to give up.

Laborioso’s story does not end on that October day. He leaves the bullring as an exalted and revered
hero of in the public’s eye, and goes on to his new role as a stud bull, where he will sire over 400 descendents. The farm where he would live out his days is now known as the house of Albaserrada.
The family has been raising fighting bulls for almost a century in the meadows of Mirandilla. Now
the legacy they stand on is not only that of the family name, but also the legend of a bull that
withstood the odds.

rejoneo horseThe story of Laborioso is a great Spanish tale – one of many that families get to know on our new Tauck Bridges family adventure in Spain. We take our families on an exclusive visit to the ranch where the celebrated Laborioso lived; you learn about the bullfighting tradition and what can be achieved with extraordinary determination. The trip is also filled with other unique opportunities to experience the culture and arts of Madrid and Seville while bonding and learning together, including a visit to a renowned soccer stadium, cooking tapas, and a kid-friendly tour of the Prado.

Stopping for a moment to think of what Laborioso accomplished that October day, I begin to challenge myself a bit more than normal. What more could I accomplish with a bit more determination, perseverance and raw grit?



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