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Posted by Rich Mancini on 9/6/2013
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Bringing local European culture to life – learning about it, understanding it, embracing it – is a big part of what Tauck’s luxury European river cruises are all about. That’s why your Tauck river cruise will have you experiencing great European art, music and more throughout your trip, whichever corner of the continent you cruise to. It’s sort of like a fun, engaging cultural “mini-course” – without quizzes or exams, of course.

Could there be a better way to illustrate how much music means to the Viennese than a private concert of works by Mozart and Beethoven in a Baroque palace straight out of The Third Man – in a ballroom where both of these legends actually performed centuries ago?

Or finer (and exclusive) opportunities to experience the creative process by viewing Beethoven’s scores, marked in his own hand, at Lobkowicz Palace in Prague… listening to a recital of Bartók’s melodies in his Budapest home… or strolling through Monet’s gardens at Giverny or the Provençal fields that van Gogh loved to paint – inspiration for so many masterpieces?

From artists’ and composers’ homes and studios to world-renowned museums and concert halls where their works live on today, come see, hear… and yes, feel… the inspiration, talent and passion that helped shaped centuries of great European culture on a Tauck luxury river cruise. You might even be moved to create a masterpiece of your own.




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