25 Places Around the World
With Jules Verne... and Tauck

Posted by Rich Mancini on 8/13/2015
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aroundtheworldGiven the great speed at which we can routinely travel these days – by jet aircraft, high-speed rail, modern trans-oceanic cruise ships, etc. – the idea of circumnavigating the globe within 80 days may seem trite… and certainly not nearly as daunting as it did back in 1873, when the great science fiction pioneer Jules Verne's classic adventure novel "Around the World in 80 Days" was published… or even when producer Mike Todd's star-studded, Best Picture Oscar-winning movie version came out in 1956.

By then, jet airliners were already criss-crossing the skies and shrinking the world. But Verne's 19th-century heroes – wealthy English gentleman Phileas Fogg and his French valet Jean Passepartout (played in the film by David Niven and Mexican comic actor Cantinflas) – had to cross the seas by steamship and make their way across India and the U.S. by rail, only a few years after the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, the linking of India's railways, and the opening of the Suez Canal had made such a journey even possible. In fact, when you take away air travel, a comparable 'round-the-world trip isn't so easy at that… as Monty Python's Michael Palin demonstrated in his 1988 BBC TV series, making his 80-day deadline with a scant 17 hours to spare!

So I thought it might be fun to "follow" the fussy Mr. Fogg to some of the destinations he passed through on his 80-day trip that you can explore on Tauck escorted tours today… sort of an "Around the World with Tauck" adventure! Following Fogg's route, we'll start in London and make our way to Paris (A Week In… London & Paris), continuing through southern France (Provence), then into northern Italy (Bellissima Northern Italy) and southward to the tip of the Italian "boot" (Classic Italy, Puglia).

After crossing the Mediterranean by boat (a cruise, no doubt, far less comfortable than Treasures of the Mediterranean) to Suez, Fogg sailed through the canal, along the Red Sea, around the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and across the Arabian Sea to Bombay – now Mumbai – where our Tauck adventure would catch up with him. We'd then make our way across India from Mumbai, to Agra and Varanasi (A Portrait of India, Northern India & Nepal). Fogg then boarded a steamer in Calcutta and sailed across the South China Sea (Treasures of Southeast Asia) to Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, where we'll pick up his trail again and follow him to Shanghai (China, the Yangtze River & Hong Kong), and on to Japan (Cruising the Land of the Rising Sun, Essence of Japan).

Once across the Pacific, we'll rejoin Fogg and Passepartout (who made the voyage by steamer from Yokohama in 22 days – the longest leg of their entire trip) in San Francisco, the starting point for their adventurous trek across the U.S., mostly by rail, to New York City. We'd follow portions of their journey on California's Gold Coast, Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, The Tauck Chicago Event, The Hudson Valley and The Tauck New York City Event. After a troubled Atlantic crossing, Fogg arrives in Ireland's County Cork and heads to Dublin (A Week In… Ireland, The Best of Ireland), where we'll follow him on the last leg of his journey to the British Isles (Ireland & Great Britain, England, Scotland & Wales) and finally back to London… whew!

So… did Fogg make it in 80 days? Well, if you don't know already, you'll have to read the novel, or see the movie (or some of the numerous other adaptations over the years, including Orson Welles' short-lived 1946 Broadway musical version with songs by Cole Porter) to find out. But in case you get the urge to get out there and experience even a little bit of Phileas Fogg's 'round the world journey with Tauck escorted tours, you can get all the information you need right here.



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