2019 Animal Encounters

Posted by Ileana Lobkowicz on 7/17/2018
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Animal Encounters

Polar Bear:
The distinctly identifying white fur of polar bears is in fact an optical illusion. Beneath their thick coat, polar bears actually have black skin! Their hollow fur is translucent and only appears white because it reflects visible light, just like snow. Climate also plays a role in the coloration of polar bear fur. Where colder temperatures maintain their bright white complexion, more temperate environments can spark the growth of algae in their hair, giving off a green hue.

Experience these beloved Arctic icons on our Manitoba: Polar Bear Adventure as they hunt and play in their icy habitat on Hudson Bay.

Mountain Gorilla:Gorilla
Gorillas set themselves apart with unique marks and wrinkles just above their nostrils known as “nose prints – comparable to that of the human fingerprint. This method of identification not only helps to distinguish one from another, but also tells the personal life stories of our closest black-furred cousins. 

Tauck’s journey to Rwanda offers guests the unique opportunity to visit a wild gorilla family as part of our Mountain Gorilla Safari: Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda tour.

African Elephants:
Maybe sticks and stones do more than break bones…According to the Sheldrick Wildife Trust Orphan Project, baby elephants, like human infants, instinctively need to be stimulated and look for “toys” in their natural environment to keep them engaged.  

Share in the heartwarming affection of the world’s largest land mammal as part of our Great Migration: Kenya & Tanzania journey where you may see not only wild elephants in the Serengeti, but orphaned baby elephants on a private visit of Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.

Royal Bengal Tigers:Tiger
The Bengal Tiger’s tenacious roar can be heard as far as two miles away – nearly twice the distance of the intelligible human range. This impressive vocal repertoire is made possible due to the elasticity of their vocal chord tissues which allow their low-frequency roars to travel far and wide.

This superpower trait of the world’s largest wild cat can be seen in action on our Northern India & Nepal journey visiting the wildlife-rich reserve of Bandhavgarh National Park – home to the Bengal tiger as well as a variety of other remarkable species.

What is black and white, fuzzy, and eats 30 pounds of bamboo daily? The giant panda. With bamboo shoots and leaves making up 99% of their diet, these cuddly bears spend up to 12 hours a day eating to satisfy their ravenous appetite and dietary needs.

Our Odyssey in China: Beijing, Chengdu & Hong Kong journey offers a unique opportunity to observe and hold these lovable creatures in their natural habitat of Chengdu for an extraordinary photo op. 

Bald Eagle:eagle
No bird is more emblematic of American patriotism than the bald eagle of North America. Its mighty image, however, is not reminiscent of its weak voice. In fact, the sound of a bald eagle is often mistaken for the stronger calls of its counterpart, the red-tailed hawk.

On our Grand Alaska land and small ship journey, experience rafting through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of bald eagles. While you may not be able to hear them, their soaring broad wings and prominent white tails are a breathtaking sight.  

Better known for their reputation as one of the slowest animals in the world, sloths are surprisingly adept swimmers! They suspend themselves into water from their upside-down-hanging perches, moving at a pace up to three times faster than on land.

On our Costa Rica – Pura Vida journey, look for these canopy-dwelling creatures through the foliage lining the Peñas Blancas River you will traverse by boat. Marvel at other local residents such as crocodiles, toucans, monkeys and more!

Komodo Dragons:Dragon
Contrary to its classification as a venomous-biting predator, it seems that komodo dragons are capable of playful behavior. One was observed displaying a “fun-loving side” at the National Zoological Park in Washington D.C., suggesting that there is more to these inquisitive reptiles than their scaly skin and intimidating demeanor.

Explore the island home and natural habitat of the largest lizard species in the world on our Kingdoms & Dragons: Singapore to Bali journey.



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