Tauck Produces New Travel E-Brochure for Kids and Teens

First-Ever Children’s E-Brochure Engages Younger Travelers

WILTON, CT (December 5, 2016)  Since launching its Tauck Bridges collection of family travel adventures in 2003, Tauck has focused its Bridges tours and cruises on providing “shared enrichment” and forging meaningful, lasting bonds (or “bridges”) between generations by crafting journeys where families experience the joys of  travel together.  With the recent launch of a new children’s e-brochure, the company is now seeking to foster those bonds even before the journey begins, by giving parents and grandparents a tool to engage children in the vacation planning process.

“Many family travel experiences – most notably all-inclusive resorts and large cruise ships – segregate different family generations with ‘kids-only’ or ‘adults-only’ areas and activities,” noted Tauck CEO Dan Mahar.  “At Tauck Bridges, we’ve always felt that travel should be an opportunity for families to engage with one another and the world around them in a way that creates lifelong memories.  With our new children’s e-brochure, we’re seeking to involve and engage kids earlier and give them information tailored to their interests, whether it’s with facts to help inspire them about a destination, or by getting them interested and informed ahead of time about the exciting hands-on activities they’ll experience on each of our 19 Bridges journeys.”

The new 68-page e-brochure is designed and written to appeal to younger travelers, with bright graphics, bold layout, casual fonts, and playfully-worded text, and it’s loaded with the kind of information that younger travelers expressed interest in via an online survey conducted by Tauck at the outset of the e-brochure’s planning process.  For example, the various Tauck Bridges trips highlighted in the e-brochure are grouped by interest, rather than by geography, into three categories: Animal Encounters (itineraries in Africa, Latin America and Alaska where wildlife features prominently), Natural Wonders (trips noted for their amazing outdoor landscapes and adventures), and Landmark Sites (journeys to cultural icons in Europe). 

Also, each Bridges adventure is presented as a snapshot of different experiences that kids will enjoy during their tour or cruise, rather than as a detailed day-by-day itinerary, and the pages specific to each journey are peppered with fun trivia facts relating to the destination.  For example, readers interested in the Bridges Galápagos journey will learn that the Giant Galápagos Tortoise naps 16 hours a day, can live to be 100, and go for an entire year without eating or drinking.

Tauck’s new Bridges e-brochure also makes great use of quotes, photos, artwork and other content provided by young travelers, including a Q&A with a 14-year-old Bridges veteran who shares insights about her trips to Europe, Costa Rica and the American Southwest.  Another Q&A, with a Bridges tour guide or Tauck Director, provides perspectives gained from his 11 years leading Bridges trips.  And throughout the e-brochure, the pages are populated with fun images of young travelers enjoying their Bridges journeys in different destinations around the world.

The Tauck Bridges e-brochure can be downloaded at no charge from the Tauck website at www.tauck.com.  Additionally, those interested in more information can contact their local travel professional or call Tauck at 800 468 2825.

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