eGift Card


1. Where can I purchase a Tauck eGift card

Tauck eGift cards can be purchased online at

2. In what denominations are Tauck eGift cards available? 

Tauck eGift cards are available in any denomination between $50 - $2000 USD. 

3. How long will it take for my Tauck eGift card to be delivered to the recipient via email? 

Most eGift cards will be delivered within 4 hours after purchase should you choose same day delivery. If the eGift card is not received within 8 hours of purchase, please contact customer service at or call 1-800-468-2825 ext. 2120.

4. Will I receive an email confirming my order of a Tauck eGift card? 

Yes, the purchaser will receive a confirmation email that your order was received and sent to the recipient.

5. Can I purchase more than 1 Tauck eGift card at a time?

Yes, you may purchase up to five cards in a single transaction on To purchase larger quantities, please call 1-800-468-2825 ext. 2120.

6. In which currencies are Tauck eGift cards available for purchase? 

Tauck eGift cards are available only in U.S. Dollar Currency.

7. Can my Tauck eGift card be sent to an international email address? 

Yes, eGift cards can be delivered to any viable email address.

8. Can I cancel a Tauck eGift card after it is ordered?

No, an egift card cannot be cancelled after it has been ordered.


1. Where can I use my Tauck eGift card? 

Tauck eGift cards can be used online to pay for an existing reservation or by calling 1-800-468-2825.

2. What can my Tauck eGift card be used for? 

Tauck eGift cards can be used to make a payment on any active undeparted reservation for a Tauck trip.

3. Does the entire value of the eGift card need to be redeemed at once?

No, the Tauck eGift card can be used for multiple payments.

4. Can I check the balance on my eGift card? 

Yes, you can check your balance by emailing us at or by calling our reservations line at 1-800-468-2825.

5. Will I receive cash back if I don’t spend the entire value of the eGift card? 

Tauck eGift cards are not redeemable for cash except where otherwise required by law.

6. What if the total bill exceeds the value of my eGift card? 

If your bill exceeds the amount of your eGift card, than you are responsible for the remaining amount with another form of payment.

7. Can I redeem more than one eGift card in a single transaction?

Yes, you may use multiple Tauck eGift cards to pay for your reservation.

8. Can I use an eGift card for a deposit?

Yes, an eGift card can be used to pay for a deposit on a reservation.

9. Do Tauck eGift cards expire?

No, Tauck eGift cards never expire

10. What do I do if I lose my eGift card information?

Please send an email to for assistance.

11. Can an eGift card be transferred to someone else?

Yes, contact customer service at to transfer your egift card to someone else.


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