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Castles & Kings: London to Paris

“The perfect introduction to European family travel. My three grandchildren, their parents, and I did it all, seeing important sights and enjoying active opportunities especially appealing to younger travelers. The guides kept the kids interested! We're all eager for our next trip. Tauck made converts!”

– Susan Landreth, California

“This was our 3rd Tauck trip & everyone had a great time. Our Tauck Director was fantastic – enthusiastic, caring & well organized. Our teenage kids really appreciated not just the fun activities, like bike riding in the park, but also the cultural destinations as well. Trip flew by so quickly – met really nice families & so much to see & do… Exploring castles, mansions & dungeons was great, but the biggest thrill (I did not expect this) was the speedboat ride – a lot of fun & the boat guides were great… The surprise the last night was really a great experience - kudos to all!”

– Steven Weintraub, New York

The Sweet Life: Rome & Sorrento

“It was the ultimate dream vacation for my family. The experience was made all the more so because of the abilities of our Tauck Director. She was so professional and organized, knowledgeable about the art, language, history and culture of Italy. Bravissimo!

There was not one moment that was not memorable, although seeing the Sistine Chapel after hours was a highlight as well as the boat ride on the Amalfi Coast. The people that I met on this trip were some of the nicest people I have met, and I am so happy that I was a part of this group.”

 – Carol Davison, Kansas

“We loved our family tour. We met many wonderful families, ate great food and truly experienced the ‘sweet life.’ Our guides were friendly and knowledgeable. It was the perfect mix of learning and fun for our family.”

– Kingsley Wood, North Carolina

Italia Bella: Rome to Venice

“Our first Tauck experience (recommended by my father and his wife, longtime Tauck travelers) was outstanding! Our Tauck Director was just amazing! Everything on the trip was flawlessly planned and we had experiences we could not have had otherwise. We also met some wonderful new friends! The private tour of the Sistine Chapel was a once- in-a-lifetime experience that had us all mesmerized! Our local guide was a wealth of information who answered every question and had such a depth of knowledge.”

– Joyce Glass, New York

Italia Bella: Rome to Venice“Upon landing in Rome, a driver greeted us outside baggage claim and upon leaving Florence, an escort accompanied us on the water taxi back to the airport. All the details in between, with the exception of some free time in each city, were taken care of. We were able to relax and enjoy the trip. Our Tauck Director was fantastic as well! Visiting the Sistine Chapel with no crowds was AMAZING! I was hesitant to book a tour because as a family we enjoy doing our own thing. With Tauck, all the logistics were taken care of but you had free time almost every day and were able to do what you wanted to. It was the perfect blend for us.”

– Nancy Lane, New York

Alpine Adventure

“We were six: grandparents, parents, children – boy 12, girl 14. All three generations thought this was a perfect trip. Rafting, pools, food, hiking, rock climbing, hotels, Tauck Director, fellow travelers – all delightful.”

– Suzy Schultz, Florida

“My family thoroughly loved our Alpine Adventure. It is difficult to delineate what was most impressive about it as the whole journey is set amidst spectacular scenery. While we were enjoying the natural beauty, we were also treated to new friendships, conversation, history, tasty chocolate surprises and thrilling activities. I think the most memorable day for us was spent at the cheese making site… It was such a quintessentially alpine setting, and we enjoyed so many laughs as our friends attempted to play the alpenhorn. After snacking on yummy fruit and cheeses, we all played group games in the surrounding fields, and it was unforgettable fun.”

– Bridget Brown, Georgia

Ireland Forever

Ireland Forever“Our trip was absolutely perfect. Our Tauck Director was great. She had the perfect blend of seriousness and fun. The weather was wonderful, and the tour stops could not have been better. The two farms we stopped at were exceptional, and the pottery stop was also exceptional. Thanks!”

– Jeffrey Glassley, Indiana

“The trip was excellent with all of the activities well planned and executed. There were new experiences for both the adults and the children, which were thoroughly enjoyed… The activities that were planned were a delight. The trip to the farm was also a highlight. Our granddaughter loved the interaction with the animals and harvesting our food for dinner.”

– Gloria Baldwin, Canada

Bon Voyage! France Family River Cruise

This was our first Tauck experience, and it was wonderful. Above all, we liked the ms Swiss Emerald being our ‘home base’ and when in the river towns we could get on and off the boat as we wished. Our Tauck Cruise Director and Tauck Directors were great. They were informative, very organized and very engaging with the kids (and adults too!)

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arles... the beautiful scenery along the Rhône, going through the locks. We loved it all. Our kids made friends. Lastly I must mention the wonderful French breads and rolls and cheeses. Nothing like it. We so looked forward to that on the Swiss Emerald during our meals...”

– Ramona Berce, Tennessee

“The cruise on the Rhône with my granddaughter was delightful. After wonderful guided tours in very warm weather, it was such a relief to return to the ship and a welcoming drink. There are not enough superlatives to describe the accommodations, food and guides. Everything went like clockwork.”

– Linda Marshall, Florida

Blue Danube: Family Riverboat Adventure

Blue Danube: Family Riverboat Adventure

“Our trip down the Blue Danube with the family was one of the best organized, fun and educational trips that our well-traveled family has experienced. The convenience and comfort of being on the boat the entire week while we visited 4 countries was awesome. Our two boys (14 and 11) made some lasting friendships on the cruise.”

– Deborah Englert, Maryland

“All aspects of the trip were outstanding. From the riverboat itself to the crew, staff and Tauck personnel, everyone went out of the way to make our tour special. The Tauck Cruise and Tauck Directors were enthusiastic and especially good with the children. This is an active tour, especially for grandparents. Good mix of culture and play… There were two most memorable moments: The Imperial Evening in Vienna at a historic palace, complete with dinner, performances, and waltzing. Also, we especially enjoyed the stop at Dürnstein, the tour of the village, and the bicycle ride through the countryside to the town of Krems.”

– James Newton, Alabama


Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari

“We were able to share our trip to Tanzania with our daughter and her family… an absolutely fantastic experience of a lifetime. The tour was well organized, and our Tauck Director did a great job keeping us going and helping when we needed help. Our fab five local tour guides made the tour GREAT. Every day was a different and wonderful experience. The day we saw the lions eating their giraffe prey, the cheetah we finally found, the beautiful sunrises, the baby lion cubs, the amazing balloon ride, the sleeping leopard right over the road, the water buffalo sleeping just outside our tent. All of this with wonderful accommodations and food.”

– Clark Hurlbert, Arizona

“Wow!!!!!! This was our 4th Tauck Bridges tour, my son's 5th. I have never been on a safari, this was a trip of a lifetime!! We will be back. Our Tauck Director and the drivers were awesome and so knowledgeable. I cannot express in words how much this trip meant to me and my family. We learned a new appreciation for life, definitely worth going!”

– Susan Rowe, Tennessee

Mystical Peru

Mystical Peru“Awesome! Wow! Breathless! From start to finish we were entertained and educated. Our Tauck Director kept on top of everything and made sure we lacked nothing. The guides were very informative and friendly.”

– Karen Araujo, Connecticut

“What a grand adventure to Peru! Swimming with sea lions, rafting the Urubamba River and visiting a Peruvian school were highlights. Glorious Machu Picchu takes your breath away with its grandeur and beauty. Delicious, fresh food, amazing accommodations, private guides, and all the awesome Tauck touches make this a very memorable and exciting trip! Reaching the summit of Machu Picchu and climbing the final steps along with the friendly llamas on the trail... We took time at the top to just sit overlooking the ruins and marvel at the overwhelming beauty, peacefulness and spirituality that the Incas created. Machu Picchu is a magical place to visit.”

– Karen Braverman, Colorado

Costa Rica: Jungles & Rainforests

“All four of us (including kids ages 8 & 10) had a fabulous time! The wildlife was amazing, the hotels were fun…  and the Tauck Director was extremely knowledgeable. We enjoyed the fresh and healthy food, the activities (especially the rafting and zip-lining) and the amazing people we met too. Zip-lining at Sky Trek was simply exhilarating – I was stunned that my eight-year-old loved it as much as we did. It's beautiful, high up, fast and stunning. Even saw a coati while on a platform waiting to zip. Bravo!”

– Karen Hohertz-Jacobs, Minnesota

“’Costa Rica: Jungles & Rainforests’exceeded our expectations. Our Tauck Director was extremely experienced and provided us with knowledgeable information as we were touring the different cities and sites. Every attention to detail was taken care of! Highly recommend this trip with Tauck!”

– Sylvia Casas-Jolliffe, California

Galápagos: Wildlife Wonderland

“We had a fantastic time! The guides were so knowledgeable and the Tauck Director was amazing, especially with her understanding of kids. Everything was so well-organized, yet flexible… LOVED when one of our sons came up for air in the ocean and was face to face with a sea lion!”

– Michael Meiners, Illinois

Galapagos: Wildlife Adventure

“My wife and I had made a previous trip to Galápagos. This one was for the grandchildren. It was a success. They had a wonderful time.”

– Robert Wallace, Colorado


Red Rocks & Painted Canyons

“This was our best family trip ever. It was well planned and seamlessly coordinated. I was not sure whether our kids would mix well, but they had a great time with the other kids. The scenery was breathtaking. There is a lot of travelling on this tour but our fab Tauck Director was constantly keeping the interest levels up. I highly recommend.”

– Ayleath Foote, New Zealand

“This was our first trip with Tauck… and it was a fantastic experience. Each day was filled with the perfect balance of amazing sites, educational/fun facts and relaxation. Tauck's Team effortlessly guided us through so many breathtaking experiences, which we would never have been able to do on our own… Every day Tauck delivered us to another amazing Natural Wonder… words alone cannot express the majesty and awe of the experience.”

– Phillip Stehling, New York

Cowboy Country

Cowboy Country

“Our family of five (kids ages 14, 12, and 8) absolutely loved this trip! We gained so much more insight into the attractions with Tauck than we would have on our own. Every minute of our vacation was inspirational, educational, fun-filled and action-packed! We all made new friends, and we loved our Tauck Director and driver. Our family loved walking the Morning Glory trail in Yellowstone. We saw a coyote and her 2 pups along the route… There is nothing like waking up in Yellowstone and watching Old Faithful erupt right outside your window.”

– Tauck Traveler Review, tauck.com

“Perfect for teenage grandchildren… Our two grandchildren loved the trip, and it was geared for them. Our granddaughter loved our Tauck Director. She kept the kids busy… with challenges and stories. I would recommend this trip highly for grandparents and parents with children ages 7-17.”

– Helene Dykes, California

Alaska: Call of the Wild

“Perfect for the whole family… We took our 13-year-old grandson with us, and we loved every minute of this Alaska adventure. We did it all in one week: sled dogs, helicopter, gold panning, hiking, and meeting a bear! When our grandson went back to school, one day he had to answer, ‘What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?’ He said, ‘Go back to Alaska!’ Wow!”

– Dudley Baker, Texas

“A fun-filled week featuring the best of South Central Alaska. Action-oriented, fun-filled activities, and an amazing introduction to the microclimates (rain forest to high alpine tundra), people, and sights of this region… For me, the flight over Denali and the front range, including the glaciers, lakes, rivers, and wildlife of Alaska, was breathtaking! One child loved meeting the sled dogs and learning all about the Iditarod, while another's most memorable moment was watching fishermen pull in sockeye salmon as we floated past in our raft.”

– Marcy Zeichner, Pennsylvania

Wonders of the Canadian Rockies

“This was our 12th Tauck Tour, so you can see we are partial to Tauck. Our first Tauck trip was 21 years ago when we travelled to the Canadian Rockies. This summer, we introduced 2 of our grandchildren to both Tauck and the Canadian Rockies. What a unique experience, seeing the wonders and beauty of Lake Louise, Jasper and Banff through their eyes. There were many memorable moments: white water rafting, standing on the glacier, the gondola ride up the mountain. The most memorable moment was hearing our grandchildren excitedly tell their parents about the wonderful time they had with Grandma and Grandpa. We can't wait to do it again.”

– Maris Frank, Florida

“The Tauck Bridges format was perfect for our family. There was just the right amount of ‘free time’ and scheduled activities. The level of the activities was appropriate for all and enjoyed as well. Our Tauck Director was THE BEST. She went above and beyond to make sure that we were having a good time and that the tour ran smoothly!”

– Julie Lynn York, Minnesota

Majestic California: The Pacific, Redwoods & Yosemite

“Itinerary was very busy, but I wouldn't have skipped a bit of it. The children in our Bridges group got along incredibly and were inseparable by the end of the first day. Our Tauck Director did everything possible for the members of the group. Yosemite was beautiful and Monterey one of our favorite cities. Will use Tauck again!”

– Michael Robinson, Tennessee

“A dream vacation… This fast-paced trip was full of natural beauty, education, history and fun! The hotels, the sightseeing and the special Tauck Only events – like the Aquarium's behind-the-scenes tour – were exceptional! Our Tauck Director was knowledgeable, tireless in her efforts to help us with dinner reservations, etc., and kept the kids interested and involved.”

– Tauck Traveler Review, tauck.com

Majestic California 

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My daughter, grandson and I just got back from "Cowboy Country." I can't tell you what a delightful trip we had. EVERYTHING was included and first-rate."

– Flora Aaroe, New Jersey


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