5 Great Things About Guided Family Vacations

Your vacation should be the trip of a lifetime – for everyone from the kids to the grandparents. You should all come home re-energized and feeling close to each other – with wonderful memories. Here are five reasons why a guided family vacation is so good at making that happen.

Visit the Eiffel Tower

1. It’s Effortless

Have you ever returned from a family vacation feeling like you needed another vacation? Your next one needs to be a real getaway… with no stress. Everyday life is busier than ever – juggling kids’ activities, work, daily responsibilities, social life, and everything else that comes up. It can be hard to stay connected as a family. Good guided family vacations help simply because you turn the planning and logistics over to travel experts; they’ve got the know-how to make arrangements as thoughtfully as you’d take care of them yourself – if you had endless time and insider access. And because you don’t have to keep track of the details on the road, you’re free to devote yourself to having the time of your life with your family!

Imagine your peace of mind when someone else takes charge of everything from on-tour transportation, luggage, and dinner reservations to tickets, gratuities, and setting up family-oriented activities. Effortlessly, you’re always on time. Everyone in the family stays entertained and engaged. No one gets hungry and cranky. Decisions about what to do next are already made, so you don’t have to deal with bickering about that. All you have to do is show up for good times. That’s how it should be. A vacation.

2. An Extraordinary Way to Travel

A vacation you’ve planned by yourself, or even one tailor-made for your family, can’t offer the unique access to memorable experiences that a guided travel company can provide. Tauck Bridges family adventures feature special events that capture the heart and soul of the places we visit; your family sees the Sistine Chapel after hours, when the crowds are gone… your kids dress up in 17th-century costumes in a French château… you go flightseeing over Rainbow Bridge and Lake Powell, hot air ballooning over the Serengeti, trail riding with a cowboy at Bryce Canyon, and waltzing in a Viennese palace. Our longtime partnerships around the world make these cool experiences possible.

Meet sled dogs in AlaskaAn established travel company knows the ropes and can make sure your family sees the world with more insider knowledge than you’d have traveling on your own. With Tauck Bridges, our  expert Tauck Directors and guides give you the inside scoop, and you get to know more locals, experience a more authentic slice of life, and walk into places off limits to other travelers. Meet sled dogs and an Iditarod champion in Alaska, a ski jumper in Austria, a chef in France, naturalists in Costa Rica and the Galápagos, and schoolchildren in Tanzania!

See and do more. You may have only one shot at visiting Europe, or one week to spend in the national parks, and you want to get the most out of your trip. To see the same number of sights and do the same number of activities on your own could add extra days to your trip because of all the variables: you don’t know how long it takes to get from one place to another, or what traffic will be like, or when to plan stops to eat along the way, or where the bathrooms are, or how to avoid lines, or what time you need to leave your hotel to arrive at Versailles when it’s least crowded. But Tauck Bridges has been researching and perfecting our trip itineraries for years. And we’re always fine-tuning. We make sure you won’t miss a thing.

ms Savor Riverboat3. Tremendous Value

An all-inclusive upfront price can save you a lot of money, especially when you do the math on items like exchange rates, getting to and from airports and train stations, tipping, meals and snacks, and daily transportation. Tipping alone could easily run you $500 for a family of four on an eight-day vacation. Our guests tell us over and over again that the freedom from having to think about these details is priceless. Not to mention the included premier access, events, activities, tour guides, meals, and accommodations that also make our trips worth every penny and more. For example, you stay in the best available lodgings in the best locations, like city-center hotels, elegant riverboats, first-rate expeditionary ships, and lodges inside the national parks, even those with waiting lists that go on for years. And we don’t sell options on tour, so you’re not pressured to spend more money. There are no surprise expenses. Our upfront price is the price of your vacation. Period.

4. Fun for All Ages

Multi-Generational TravelTauck Bridges specializes in multi-generational family vacations, nothing else. It’s what we do. Each of our carefully crafted adventures has been designed from the ground up to engage family members of all ages together – doing family-friendly activities, like making chocolate art in Paris… seeing awe-inspiring sights, including mysterious Machu Picchu (accompanied by llamas)… meeting fascinating locals, like a real Canadian Mountie… and spotting rare wildlife in the Galápagos, Costa Rica, Africa, and North America’s national parks.

Traveling with other like-minded families also pumps up the fun! You bond over making new friends who enjoy the same places and activities. Touring with other parents, grandparents, and children, rather than on your own, lets you share the delights of discovery with new friends. Giving your kids the opportunity to socialize with other kids their own age can also lead to friendships that continue long after the excitement of the trip is over. It’s also great for the grown-ups to have other grown-ups around to chat, laugh, and compare notes with!

5. Your Vacation Comes Out Right

You only have one chance to introduce your children to Europe or witness your grandchild’s face when he first sees the Grand Canyon. You’ve waited a long time for your family vacation, and carved precious time out of your busy schedules for this opportunity. That’s why it’s vital to get your family vacation right. The last thing you need is a trip filled with long lines, hassles, nasty surprises, getting lost, and “are we there yet.” Good guided family vacations protect you from that – from the emotional and financial costs of getting it wrong.

At Tauck Bridges, we’ve been creating and leading enriching trips throughout the world for 90 years. We’re sensitive to the needs of families – for that delicate balance of action and downtime, playing and learning, shared experiences and independence. We know it’s the people along the way that make a trip successful. We know a cookie-cutter vacation isn’t good enough. Above all, we know how important your family vacation is to you. We’re committed to making it the time of your life!

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